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Custom book cover illustrations

Because sometimes stock photos don't cut it.

Inventing characters and illustrating important scenes, whether they are for a fantasy novel or children's books, is what we're passionate about. Art is subjective but the outcomes are solid.
Finding the right illustrator needn’t be difficult. You just need to tell us what you have in mind for your story and the style, and we’ll do the work of finding the right person for your project. Our artists can create bespoke art for your book cover and illustration you can use inside your manuscript. 
Do you have a favourite character you want to feature in the cover? Or you just want to see some concept art and sketches before you commit to the final composition?
We can do all that and we'll have fun while doing it.

Drawing Of A Child

Feature your favourite characters and scenes

Our talented illustrators have been commissioned by writers from all around the UK. We've worked with clients from Europe and North America too, so we're not worried about crossing some borders!
We've worked on a large number of art projects, book covers and digital content. We pride ourselves in building close relationships and keeping things simple - what really matters.

Sketch Compared To the Finished Illustration Piece
Unique and inspiring

Some of our book cover art

Our illustrator can achieve any style and draw your main characters or favourite scenes from your book.

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