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The story behind the author, told by AI, honed by you

Creating an enticing, short author bio is a breeze with our free tool. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the right words to describe yourself!

Our sophisticated AI engine, powered by OpenAI, crafts a compelling narrative about you, echoing your unique background and influences.

Unleash the writer in you and let your readers meet the mind behind the words. Read our in-depth guide on crafting great author bios!

Want more? Why not generate a book blurb with our tool, or generate compelling book titles for your story!

How to use our generator


Kickstart your bio creation by inputting key details such as your literary influences, background, preferred tone, and genre in the designated fields provided.


Once you submit, wait a few seconds, and you'll get a bio, which you can edit directly in the provided window to make it suit you better.


The AI does a good job, but it's not perfect, so feel free to build upon what's generated to make your bio more personal and accurate!

Questions & answers

Why use AI to help with writing your bio?

Utilising AI to assist in writing your bio can save time, reduce stress, and provide a solid foundation to build upon.

Especially for those who find it challenging to write about themselves, an AI bio generator can help overcome writer's block by suggesting different ways to phrase information, thus making the process much less daunting.

Our AI tool can offer a fresh perspective or create creative ways to express your personality and style, which you might have yet to consider.

Where can I use my newly generated author bio?

Your AI-generated author bio can be used everywhere you want! It's ideal for your personal author website or blog. It can also be shared on your social media profiles for brand consistency.

You can use this tool to create a bio for the back covers of your books, and online retailer author pages like Amazon and Goodreads.

It's also handy for promotional materials for speaking engagements, book signings, or when published in literary magazines and anthologies.

Why pay attention to your author bio?

Your author bio serves as a connection between you and your readers, as well as potential publishers or agents. It helps to establish your identity and credibility as a writer. It provides a platform for you to express your unique voice and story.

A well-crafted author bio can intrigue readers, increasing sales and followers. It also portrays a professional image, which is crucial to a successful writing career. Also, a compelling bio can help establish a brand identity and, in the long run, a loyal reader base.

What is an author bio?

An author bio is a brief description of an author, providing insight into their background, achievements, writing style, and personal interests.

It often includes where the author is from, what genres they prefer to write in, any notable awards or accomplishments they have achieved, and sometimes personal tidbits like where they went to school or what hobbies they have.

An author bio is typically found on the back cover of a book, on an author's website, or on online retail sites where their books are sold.

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