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Premade Book Covers

Eye-catching, professional premade covers - all for £90 each.

If you're just starting out with self-publishing for the first time, you may have a limited budget. That doesn't mean you have to settle for a book cover which doesn't reflect the quality of your book.

With premade covers you have the chance to kick-start your self-publishing career by getting an eye-catching cover for a fraction of the cost.

Our experienced book cover designers work every week to design covers which can be easily customised and tweaked in away they fit your story.

Our clients publish on every major self-publishing platform, and our work is compatible Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBooks and all other book sellers.

How it works?

Step 1: Pick a cover

Select a cover from the gallery below. Each of the covers has a number, remember that number.

Step 2: Contact us

Once you've selected a premade book cover you like, fill out the form below and specify your required design changes.

Step 3: We update the design

We'll make the premade cover truly yours by adding your own book title, author name and minor design changes.

Step 4: You receive the cover

Receive the files of your personalised premade cover ready for print or ebook publishing.

Customised for you

Each premade book cover cover is sold once and tweaked to your unique requirements.

Suitable for book series

We can turn each cover into a series which follow the same template, look and style.

For every self-pub platform

You will receive files ready to publish, without worry about compatibility or the process.

Latest premade book covers

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Borders Book Cover Design
Lingering In The Dark Book Cover Design
Lingering In The Dark Book Cover Design
Lingering In The Dark Book Cover Design
Lingering In The Dark Book Cover Design
Lingering In The Dark Book Cover Design

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premade book covers questions

Frequently asked questions

What are premade book covers?

Premade book covers are an affordable alternative to getting a custom design for your book.

Because you don't have to hire a designer and go through the detailed process of designing a book cover from scratch, premade covers are a lot cheaper and quicker to acquire. This is why they are perfect for self-publishing writers on a tight budget.

How much does a premade cover cost?

All our premade book covers cost £90. For this price you get the front cover, and you can request minor tweaks to the design, such as change of the title, author name, tweaks to the overall colours and adding any other text.

If you want a cover for print, that will cost an extra £40 and you'll receive a file compatible with every self-publishing platform.

For example, you pick a premade fantasy book cover but you want to change the colour scheme, add a review comment to the front cover and an author bio to in the back cover text. This will only cost £130.

How long does it take to customise a premade cover?

It usually takes 2-3 working days to make the required customisations and for you to receive the final files.

Should I get a premade or a custom book cover?

Premade covers are much cheaper and quicker to acquire. Because they are already designed, they only require minimum customisation and the usual turnaround is 2-3 working days.

A custom book cover is great for creating a cover that truly represents your story. You can feature scenes, characters or symbols important to your story. Since you have to go through a full design process and the final result is truly unique. The usual turnaround time is 10-12 working days.

Can you create series from one premade cover?

Yes. If you're working on a book series and you want to have matching style and colours for each book cover in it, we can use a premade cover to base it on. Please contact us for more details on pricing and how this works.

Can order the print cover later?

Yes. You can order your front premade cover now and when you're ready to publish in print, just get in touch.

Where do you get images for your covers?

All photos used in our premade covers are paid for and licensed for commercial use, so you don’t have to worry about royalties and crediting photographers.

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